Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Do Not Be Afraid Of Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms

You know the feeling; you are having a hard time breathing. You begin to perspire and shake hysterically. Your heart is beating faster and your pulse is speeding up. The awful thing is the feeling of detachment that surrounds you. You may even believe you are going crazy. You feel as if you have no control over anything and you begin to wonder if you are going to die. If this sounds like something you have experienced you probably have went through anxiety panic attack symptoms

If you have never been through this before the first thing you need to understand is you are not going crazy. Many people before you have experienced anxiety panic attack symptoms somewhere along the way. It is most important to realize that having a second attack will not kill you no matter how you dealt with the first one.

Panic attacks leave strong memories and the first one can be a trying experience. It can be so bad that you may have a big time fear of having another attack.

Sometimes it is the fear of having another attack that stops its victims from living life. You may find yourself not doing the things you enjoy because of this fear. The last attack may have been so bad that you do not see there is nothing to fear.